Healthy Computer Use

We regularly hear about the importance of Health and Safety within the work place but does using a computer really affect your health?

Yes, we believe it does and we have met many people that have ongoing heath issues directly caused by being positioned incorrectly while sitting at their computer. Common issues that can occur are neck ache, back ache, eye strain, headaches, repetitive strain injuries from the shoulders down to hands and much more. This can all lead to time off work or worse still the employer being liable for not complying with their health and safety responsibilities.

Following these simple guidelines can reduce the likelihood of injury whilst working at your computer:
  1. Adjust your chair so that your (lower mainly) back is supported, adjust the height so your wrists align with the keyboard. Feet should be flat on the floor or on a foot support.
  2. Adjust your keyboard placement so that all the keys are easily reached and the mouse is in line left or right with the keyboard.
  3. Adjust your screen so that it is arm’s length away, it should not be angled up, down, left or right but straight on with the height set so that your eyes look straight to the top centre.
  4. Takes regular breaks ensuring you get up from your chair, take a walk and focus your eyes away from your computer screen. At least once an hour should be sufficient.
  5. If you are working on a laptop ensure you use a docking station (a small piece of hardware that has connected keyboard, mouse, monitor, audio, USB, etc). As an alternative you can use a laptop stand with an external keyboard and mouse
Note: If you work from home the same guidance applies